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Yossi Kaplan, MBA - Toronto Real Estate Investments Hi, I’m Yossi. Years back, when I bought my first property, I had never thought of investing in Real Estate. It simply happened; the elements all lined up and even though I had zero knowledge of investing, it felt right and I went for it. The property did great, and I got hooked on Real Estate. I didn’t take long after that I’ve turned my passion of finding good homes and profitable investments into a profession. In this journey, I am learning something new every single day, and I share my story, experience and knowledge with my friends and clients, so they too can benefit from our learnings. The amount of industry knowledge our team has amassed is astonishing. Our insider connections are very helpful when it comes to buying Pre Construction and Exclusive investments. We feel that we are extremely fortunate to have such a tight network of friends and clients. Come, join us, and prosper with us! Do you need to sell your Real Estate privately? Or flip an Assignment? We maintain a list of privately available listings. Let us know if your property needs to be on this list. Count on us for the best in Investments, Pre-Constructions, Homes, Condos & Assignments, Commercial, Income Properties and Rental Guarantees, Property Management and Financing. Talk soon, Yossi 416.993.SOLD   ×