AirBnB Investment Condos in Costa Rica from USD $215,000*:

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Investing in Pacifico Condos at Naumi:

Key insights

  • 🌴 Access to the beach club is included in the condo fees, making it a valuable amenity for both owners and renters.
  • 🤑 The boat club at Pacifico offers owners the opportunity to earn 50% of the revenue generated from renters using the boats, providing an extra income stream.
  • 🌴 Costa Rica is an amazing retirement destination, known as a Blue Zone where people live for a long time due to the sunny weather and great fruit.
  • 💰 Real estate tends to do very well traditionally, making it a lucrative investment opportunity.
  • 💰 Smaller, cheaper units may get booked more often than larger, more expensive ones, creating a potential demand for affordable AirBnB options in Costa Rica.
  • 🏝️ The lower entry price of the units makes them more accessible to renters, resulting in higher occupancy rates and better income potential.
  • 💰 Buying a condo in Costa Rica without a loan payment can result in more money coming back to you.
  • 🤑 The potential income from the larger unit is significantly higher, with a return of $75,000 in the first year and $90,000 in subsequent years.


Investing in Costa Rica Airbnb condos offers a lucrative opportunity for generating rental income and property value growth.


  • 💼 The development, Pacifico, is strategically located in Playa Del Coco, just 35 minutes from Liberia airport, making it a convenient and attractive tourist destination.
  • 💰 Units are available from USD $215,000, with affordable HOA fees that include access to the beach club and two pools, making it a cost-effective investment.
  • 🌴 Costa Rica is an ideal retirement destination, offering 180-day tourist visas, low taxes, and the potential for residual income and property value growth.
  • 🏡 The investment analysis shows promising cash flow and return on investment, with the potential for significant income and property value appreciation in the long term.
  • 📈 Units offer different sizes and price points, making it suitable for both investors seeking high rental returns and individuals looking for a vacation home or retirement property.

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