The Niagara Condos
Investment Opportunity

Cashflow Condos • AirBnB Approved • 427 sqft to 1,303 sqft

The Niagara Condos is a 3-Phase, 92-unit stacked townhome condo development located at the centre of Niagara Falls, ON (6063 McLeod Drive). The Niagara offers investors the opportunity to extract cashflow via standard rents or short-term (AirBNB).

The Location

The Niagara Condos is well located within the town. very close to the falls, which is attractive to tourists, and within quick drive from all the main hotels and employees, which is attractive to long term tenants. In addition, the area has lots of development potential. As the saying goes: “It is good to get in on the ground floor”. See for yourselves:

Project Showcase

Looking to buy or sell at the Niagara Condos?
Contact Yossi Kaplan.

Units Available:

The Niagara Condos features one, two and three bedroom units, ranging in size from 427 sqft ft to over 1,300 sqft. The project itself spans three “blocks”, and there is a mix of units within the blocks. Most of the units are one story, and some are two-story.

Investing, Buying and Selling:

Investors are obsessed with The Niagara. It is a good product in a good location. The floorplans are good and the finishes are well suited for the product. Renting is allowed for both long and short terms, which means you can host tourist, use it for AirBnB, rent it to someone who works or retires in the area, or, use it for yourself.

Investor Info:

  • Contact Yossi for available units and current prices.
  • Ask Yossi to calculate the returns on the units you are interested in
  • Parking is included with most units
  • There are no lockers
  • Short and Long term leases are allowed
  • Very reasonable maintenance fees
  • Very reasonable maintenance Taxes


The Niagara features 15 floorplans. Ten (10) are single story and five (5) are 2-story units. The 2-story units feature terraces. Note prices are from launch, a few years ago. For current prices and availability, contact Yossi,

The Units

Living Rooms

The interior designs are well planned. Living rooms offer proper living space with ample room for cooking, hanging out and hosting friends. * Images are for demonstration only, units look different in practicum *

  • 9′ Ceilings
  • Designer Finishes
  • HIgh Quality Appliances
  • High Quality Floorings
The Niagara – Two Storey Living Room

Kitchens & Baths

Kitchens and Baths make the heart of your home. The Niagara takes great care in providing smartly designed and beautifully finished kitchens and baths. Features include:

  • Designed for Living: Smart & Efficient
  • Quality Modern Kitchens
  • Quality Modern Appliances w Warranty
  • Quality Modern Cabinetry & Backspasl
  • Quality Modern Tiles & Toilets
  • Quality Modern Hardware
The Niagara – Kitchen

Terraces & Rooftop Patios

Terraces and Rooftops are available on select 2-storey units. Enjoy entertaining or relaxing outdoors without leaving your home:

  • Available for select 2 and 3-bedroom units
  • Approx 100-300sqft
  • Great for reading or entertaining guests
  • Included in price
  • Great for future value
The Niagara - Terrace
The Niagara – Terrace

Owning & Investing

Information for Investors

The Niagara offers excellent investment opportunity, and high returns on investment, including:

  • Low Prices
  • Low PSF
  • Easy Deposits
  • Low Carrying Costs
  • Rental Income
  • Possible Cashflow

Living and Leasing

The Niagara offers three options for buyers/investors:

  • Live in your unit
  • Rent it Out
  • Short-Term Rental, VRBO,r AirBnB

Location & Area

The Niagara is conveniently located at the centre of Niagara Falls, ON; juts a couple a blocks from the actual falls.

All the major attractions are within walking distance. All main city services incl. The Niagara General Hospital are nearby. This location is perfect and will appreciate in value even further as more new developments are added to the mix.Our Address is:
6063 McLeod Rd, Niagara Falls, ON

Tourist Attractions

Many of our future owners and residents will be studying, teaching and working in these schools:

  • The Niagara Falls (Canadian Side)
  • The Niagara Casino
  • Dragonfly Nightclub
  • Wax Musem
  • Hundreds of restaurants, cafes, bars
  • Parks, Nature Walks

Map of all Niagara Falls Attractions.

Universities & Colleges

Many of our future owners and residents will be studying, teaching and working in these schools:

  • Westlane Secondary School
  • Saint Michael
  • Saint Thomas
  • Tony Mannella School of Music
  • and many more

Map of all Niagara Falls Schools.

Hospitals & Clinics

Many of our future owners and residents will be studying, teaching and working in these schools:

  • Greater Niagara General Hospital
  • Morrison Walk-In Medical Clinic
  • Niagara Medical Group
  • and more!

Map of all Niagara Clinics.

Parks & Rec

The Grand River and it’s shores are beautiful and friendly. Kayaking, fishing and hiking are most popular activities in the area. Favourites include::

  • Coronation Park
  • Larry Delazzer park
  • Queen Victoria Park
  • Kitchener Park
  •  Niagara Glen Nature Centre
  • Botanical Gardens

Map of Niagara Parks.

” Prices and Availability
Subject to Change Without Notice. “

Contact Yossi Kaplan for Latest Info.

* Disclaimer: Prices & Availability may change without notice. Please register to download Investor Package, incl. prices and floorplans. We have done our best to ensure the accuracy of the information presented here. As with every investment, get independent advice and conduct your own due diligence. This is not investment advice and not intended to solicit clients already signed w a Real Estate Broker. E & EO.

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