There is a Secret…

Successful Real Estate investors have a hunch. They know where to go to buy Real Estate before it gets popular. When I started investing in Toronto Real Estate people thought I was crazy. Nuts, they said. You’re taking risks. Nada. I simply did what they did not: I’ve done my homework.

I’ve researched  where the next area of development is. I went there, I looked around, I looked at City plans, and developments that are planned for the area. I looked at the prices at the time and thought to myself, what can these be worth in two, five or ten years?

Once I’ve completed my research, which did not take long, btw, I knew what to do and where to purchase. I then continued to pursue the best developments I could find, and the best units, at the best price.

My special relationship with many developers has helped me, and my clients, to achieve fantastic returns in a short amount of time. Much shorter than most investors timeline. Why? Simply because they did not do these three simple things: the one, know where to go, and the second, pick the cherries.

The third, is of course, have a strong network in the business. There isn’t a day where someone calls me, a Developer, Investor or a Flipper to ask me to help them sell their properties. If you are on my list, you’ll get a call, hey, there’s a special deal happening, are you interested in taking a look at it?

To find out where the next great area to invest in is, simply register and we’ll keep you informed of opportunities you could not even imagine.

Live Long and Prosper,

Yossi Kaplan, MBA

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