Investing in Toronto Real Estate

In this video I show you how I look at Toronto Real Estate investments, what I look for and how I assess them. Full video is included, too! Read below to find out more. 

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Toronto Real Estate Investing.

Investing in Toronto condos is partially art and partially science. In this article & video, I show you how I pick properties, what I look for and how I make sense of all the information. This is something you could not (yet) teach a machine to do. A human will have great difficulties doing this too, bc emotions and preconceived notions of value and worth always come into play. 

Selecting Real Estate Investments

When selecting the best Toronto Real Estate investments, I look at:

  • Location
  • Interior design, floorplan & flow
  • Views and sunlight
  • Usability of the unit 
  • ROI
  • Difficulty of selling and renting the unit

Investor Types

Many investors are still stuck in the 80/20 notion. That means that they are only looking at units in the 80/20 range: 20% cash, 80% mortgage. That is a big mistake IMO. Investors must consider options of putting less or more cash, for example:  

  • Typical Owner: 20% cash, 80% mortgage
  • High Cash Owner: 35% cash, 65% mortgage
  • Medium Cash Flow Investor: 50% cash, 50% mortgage
  • Full Cash Flow Investor: 100% cash. 0% mortgage.

Not everyone is the same, and each scenario (or anything in-between), may fit one investors needs but not the others. That’s why it is the best fo you to consider all options prior to investing, and of course, get the best advise possible. 


Real Estate Investment Types 

Units themselves provide for various types of investments:

  • Bachelors and Small One Beds
  • One Plus Dens (that can be used as 2nd bed)
  • Small and Medium Two Beds
  • Large Two Beds
  • Townhomes
  • Penthouses and Speciality Units

Each of the types above have pros and cons. Each will appeal to a certain investor type, and not so much for the other types. In short, there is not right or wrong here, it all depends on your personal and financial profile, and your ability to handle whichever investment you feel most comfortable with. You see, emotions and finances play the main role here. 


Investor Profiles 

Let me give you an example: Fred Investor only buys small units in a highly dense populated areas. Fred’s beliefs are that “only small units do the best” and he prefers investing smaller amounts, and getting smaller mortgages. .Perhaps Fred’s financial ability is minimal, or perhaps Fred owns dozens of small units. It is Fred’s personality that ultimately dictates his investor profile (not the other way around). 

On contract, Susan Investor prefers accumulating large 2-bed and Penthouse units. Why? bc Susan believes those are the best and most viable investments she can purchase. 

Who is right and who is wrong here? You tell me!


Summary: Toronto Real Estate Investing 

In order to pick great investment units, you must combine deep knowledge of:

  • Real Estate Investing
  • Local Market Info
  • Trends in the Market 
  • Unit flow & design 
  • Common sense! 

It sounds easy, and it can be. Some investors tend to gravitate into “Analysis Paralysis”, which can hold them back. Knowing when to “pull the trigger” is just as important as picking the right unit – because, what will happen if you found the unit but hesitated, and another investor beat you to it and grabbed that property? 

Scroll below for sampels of nice, clean untis I like, links to live listings and more info. 

Good luck everyone investing in Toronto’s Real Estate! Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding buying selling and investing in Real Estate. 

  – Yossi Kaplan, MBA

Live Links to Toronto Real Estate
You Can Invest In Right Now

Here are links to the most sought after Toronto Real Estate for Sale on the market now. These are live links, they update 24/7 (so save the bookmark or check often):

Condos for Sale  @ 608 Richmond come in One, Two and Three bedroom configurations. 

608 Richmond Condos For Sale:

King West Condos For Sale: 

Queen West Condos For Sale:

Examples of Investment Condos I look For

608 Richmond West Condo For Sale Photos

608 Richmond W The Harlowe Condos - Gym 2608 Richmond W The Harlowe Condos - One Bedroom Condo For Sale - Lobby 3 - Call Yossi KaplanOne Bedroom Condo For Sale @ 608 Richmond W - The Harlowe | Living Room - Contact Yossi Kaplan608 Richmond W The Harlowe Condos - One Bedroom Condo For Sale - Lobby 1 - Call Yossi KaplanOne Bedroom Condo For Sale @ 608 Richmond W - The Harlowe | Living Room 3 - Contact Yossi KaplanOne Bedroom Condo For Sale @ 608 Richmond W - The Harlowe | Bedroom 1 - Contact Yossi KaplanOne Bedroom Condo For Sale @ 608 Richmond W - The Harlowe | Living Room 2 - Contact Yossi Kaplan608 Richmond W The Harlowe Condos - Co-Working Room 3 - Call Yossi KaplanThe Harlowe Condos @ 608 Richmond West - Sales Call Yossi Kaplan

How to Locate Toronto Real Estate Investments:

King West Condos & Homes For Sale:

King West Condos For Sale - Yossi Kaplan
King West Condos For Sale
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