Corona & New World Order – Yossi Kaplan on FRA Podcast

Earlier this week I did an interview with Richard Benuli of FRA Podcast. We talked about

  • Corona Virus
  • How to make your own hand sanitizer
  • The inevitable New World Order

Corona Virus or COVID-19 has hit hard starting in China in Dec 2019 and quickly spread to Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America. So far, no country or government has been able to stop it, and no one knows its origin.

Speculations and theories are abound, yet, some clear results are already taking shape:

  • The level of “common sense ” is being challenged
  • Trust in governments is eroding
  • Anger at governments and disbelief is everywhere
  • The average person is becoming aware of global events – and how he/she are personally affected
  • We understand that we live in a complacent world
  • We understand that without local agriculture and manufacturing, we may not survive
  • We return to our roots of humanity – living in small self-sustaining, groups

In the first part, I speak about Corona Preparedness:

  • – download 30-Day Survival List
  • How to make hand sanitizer
  • Which foods you should pack
  • and more!

In the Second part, I speak about The New Work Order:

  • Citizens are angry at governments
  • Citizens are asking questions
  • The “Regular Joe” is waking up in face of own mortality

Watch / Listen here:

30-Day Condo Survival List

How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer:

Home Made Hand Sanitizer


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Take care everyone, be safe, be happy and be healthy <3

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